Job Information Board Operator Company Information
Contact Name Lisa Collins
Contact Email
Since 12/31/1969
Job Information
Job Type Part-Time
Department Digital Content
Category Radio
Posted 06/16/2017
Minimum Education University
Degree Title
Minimum Experience Less then 1 Year
Job Status
Start Publishing 06/16/2017
Stop Publishing 08/10/2017
[Baton Rouge,United States ]

Provides programming and control board support to On-Air-Talent

Operates control board for studios and remote programming.
Regulates program timing, operates syndicated programming and plays commercials.
Monitors the technical quality and accuracy of incoming and outgoing on-air programming from master control room.

Supports off-air commercial production, dubbing music to hard disk and programming automation computers.

Protects station's license by censoring live programs and deleting works/phrases not permitted on air.

Executes playlists for server, tape, or simulcast programming.

Assists with adjusting signal and programming content to ensure transmission meets federally mandated broadcast standards.

Processes time-out programming for accurate playback

Monitors and updates weather, traffic and news reports into automation equipment

Checks studio equipment for proper functioning and notifies Engineering of technical malfunctions affecting quality of the broadcast

Screens in-coming phone calls and selectively chooses callers for On-Air Talent and talk shows.

Handles emergency inserts (e.g. news updates, breaking stories, alert system tests, etc.).


Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Windows, Adobe Audition or similar audio editing software, Wide Orbit or similar automation system.

Time management and attention to detail

Ability to work without close supervision

Flexibility in work schedule, including evenings, overnight and weekends

Functions well in a fast-paced environment with tight timeframes and multiple demands

Works well in a team environment

Preferred Skills


Work Experience

6 months in a related role and/or technical training



High school or G.E.D.


Not required 




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