Job Information Master Control Operator Company Information
Company WGMB
Contact Name Tracy Granier
Contact Email
Since 12/31/1969
Job Information
Job Type Full-Time
Category Television
Posted 07/06/2017
Minimum Education University
Degree Title
Minimum Experience 3 Year
Job Status
Start Publishing 07/06/2017
Stop Publishing 12/29/2017
Position Summary:
The Master Control Operator is responsible for the overall on-air look of the television station through airing programming and scheduled station breaks.  
Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
• Updates and maintains signal control systems.  
• Maintains programming logs as required by station management.
• Segments content and clips to the server and then trims and modifies it.
• Prints traffic logs and appends logs to the data management system.
• Monitors strength, clarity and reliability of incoming and outgoing signals and adjusts equipment as necessary to maintain quality broadcasts.
• Selects sources from which programming will be received, or through which programming will be transmitted.
• Reports equipment problems and ensures that repairs are made, and makes emergency repairs to equipment when necessary and possible.
• Ensures the station’s compliance with Emergency Alert System requirements.
•Performs other duties as assigned.
Must apply at

Entry Level

Preferred Skills
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