Job Information Multi-Media Journalist Company Information
Company KATC TV
Contact Name Vicky Cormier
Contact Email
Since 03/16/2015
Job Information
Job Type Full-Time
Department Anchor/Reporter
Category Television
Posted 08/29/2017
Minimum Education University
Degree Title
Minimum Experience 1 Year
Job Status
Start Publishing 08/29/2017
Stop Publishing 11/29/2017
[Lafayette,United States ]

KATC is looking for a full-time reporter/video journalist (MMJ).  You will be responsible for shooting, writing, and editing your reports, as well as appearing on-camera.  


Please send your resume and link to your reel, via email only to    Include references and a complete written resume.  



You will need to have a valid driver's license, as well as a clean driving record.

Preferred Skills

We want storytellers, investigators, truth-tellers, creative thinkers, and those who understand how important social media and digital content is for our industry

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