Job Information News Production Director Company Information
Contact Name Ashley Zimmerman
Contact Email
Since 12/31/1969
Job Information
Job Type Full-Time
Category Television
Posted 04/20/2017
Minimum Education University
Degree Title
Minimum Experience 3 Year
Job Status
Start Publishing 04/20/2017
Stop Publishing 05/20/2017

News15, the FOX and NBC affiliate in Lafayette, La, has an immediate opening for a full-time News Production Director. 

Job descriptions include knowing how to use all equipment necessary to direct a newscast, controlling the physical and technical looks for the newscasts, direct news promotions shoots in the studio. In addition, working with the News Director, producers, anchors and assignment editor to establish an overall look for each newscast. Two years experience is preferred. This is not an entry level position. Mornings, weekends and holiday shifts might be required. 



Anyone interested should send a resume to Include the words "Lafayette News Production Director" in the subject line.

Preferred Skills
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