Job Information Photographer Company Information
Company WDSU-TV
Contact Name Chelsea Swinford
Contact Email
Since 12/31/1969
Job Information
Job Type Full-Time
Department Photographer
Category Television
Posted 11/01/2017
Minimum Education University
Degree Title broadcast journalism, news, or related
Minimum Experience 2 Year
Job Status
Start Publishing 11/01/2017
Stop Publishing 11/25/2017
[New Orleans,United States ]

WDSU has an opening for a self-motivated individual who wants to win each day. We are seeking a photographer with the ability to capture the essence of what’s happening in the field, and then bring it vividly into the homes of our viewers. This member of our team will spend several hours each day editing for newscasts and several hours each day out in the field shooting, editing, and executing live shots for stories. The winning candidate is also tech savvy and up-to-date on the most modern aspects of our medium. You must be able to shoot on Sony XD Cam, GoPro, on laptop computer and iPhone, and edit in Adobe Premiere and utilize the ENG, SNG, and wireless data to feed completed work to the station. Excellent editing skills, exceptional time-management abilities, effective communication style, organization, and knowledge of Adobe Premiere, Precis, NBC and CNN platforms are critical. An excellent eye for video and the highest journalistic standards are a must. If you are quick acting, quicker thinking, and technically savvy, we want you working in our newsroom. 

    Shooting and editing of vo' s, vo-sots and packages for Broadcast Air and On-line postings

    Working with the Assignment Desk and Reporters to cover daily stories

    Gathers video and still pictures for digital platforms

    Working with reporters and producers to ensure the best content and facts are gathered

    Working with producers to ensure their creative vision is executed with vivid video and natural sound

    Communicating and coordinating incoming video elements from crews in the field

    Can work with catalog systems to record and locate necessary video

    Will produce and publish content to our online platforms


To apply:        Please visit to apply. EOE



  Can easily carry up to 50 pounds of equipment

  Efficient Operation on ENG trucks

  Can work in all weather conditions

 Can operate large vehicles, must have a valid driver's license and a near-perfect driving record

  Exceptional ability to operate digital editing tools

 Can organize and prioritize

 Must be a self-starter - someone who doesn't wait to be told what to do

 Ability to work under pressure, making quick decisions

 Must have computer and software experience.

Previous newsroom experience strongly preferred.

  Related military experience will be considered

Preferred Skills
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