Student Outreach Initiative

The LAB hopes to foster and encourage the next generation of broadcasters through our services and by educating students on what the industry has to offer.

The LAB is looking to expand the opportunities it offers to high school and college students. The LAB highly encourages teachers, principals and schools to take part in this initiative.

What is the LAB?

The Louisiana Association of Broadcasters (LAB) provides support to the Louisiana broadcast industry by offering services to local radio and television member stations.

Services include events such as Annual Convention, Student Workshop and Career Fair and the annual Prestige Awards. The LAB also awards two scholarships annually to college students studying broadcast. Most importantly, it is a strong advocate for the broadcast industry on the city, state and federal level, with a lobbyist on retainer and free legal hotline available to our members.

What are some ways schools can participate?

Implement a broadcast program.

Students given the opportunity to learn and directly engage in broadcasting will aid greatly in their development of skills and life beyond the classroom. High school and college radio and television stations offer students valuable hands on experience. We can work with you on implementing a program at your school with the help of local stations.

Host guest speakers.

Invite local broadcasters to visit and speak with your students. Television anchors, news producers, radio announcers, sales managers, engineers and many other behind the scenes broadcasters can explain the industry and pique interest in those who may never considered it a possible career path. We can help set you up with a local broadcaster to visit your school.

Invite local stations to your job fairs.

Does your school or parish host a job fair? Louisiana television and radio stations are eager to participate and teach students on what the broadcast industry has to offer.

Let us know how we can help

Email LAB President Polly Prince Johnson ( or LAB Staff Laura Smith ( and Susan Lynch (

Or call the LAB Office at 225-267-4255, we can’t wait to work with you!