Press IDs

2022 LAB Press Identification Program

The LAB offers Press ID’s to FCC licensed member stations only. ID’s will only be issued with photos. Photos must be in color with face and eyes looking forward. Please save the photos as a .jpg or .png format. 

Cost: $10.00 each for LAB members

Description: The ID’s are 2 1/8″ wide x 3 3/8″ long white plastic cards similar to a credit card in size and weight. A hole will be punched at the top for your convenience in displaying the pass.

Ordering Instructions: Fill out the online form below. You will have to fill out only 10 at a time. Please refer to the instructions above the press id form below for check out details. All forms must be signed by the General Manager and must include payment. Press ID’s will not be sent if payment has not been processed with the LAB. 

General Manager’s Responsibility
LAB encourages all managers to collect the pass identification upon an employee’s termination.

Terms and Conditions

The Press IDs are 2-1/8″ wide x 3-3/8″ long, white plastic cards similar to a credit card size and weight. A hole will be punched at its top for the convenience of displaying the Press ID.

Press IDs will be mailed to the Applicant General Manager once full payment has been received. Please allow 3-5 business days for Press IDs to be processed.

The applicant agrees that its General Manager will obtain possession of Holder’s Press ID promptly upon termination of employment of the Holder.

The Applicant agrees that submitting this application constitutes (1) the Applicant’s representation and warranty that each Proposed Holder listed in the Application is a newsgathering member of the working press employed by the Applicant; (2) the Applicant’s assumption of all risks incidental to the use of the privileges conferred by the Press ID; and (3) the Applicant’s agreement to cause the Holder to comply promptly with any reasonable direction of a law enforcement officer and not to interfere with any law enforcement mission in progress. The Applicant hereby acknowledges that the LAB may revoke a Press ID upon written notice to the Applicant and agrees thereupon to cause its General Manager to promptly obtain possession of the Press ID from the Holder. The Applicant further acknowledges that a Press ID may not provide admittance into venue/special events, such as the Louisiana Legislature or LSU sporting events, for which separate press credentials may be required from the sponsor of such venue/special event. The LAB expressly disclaims any warranty of any type or nature whatsoever regarding the issuance and use of a Press ID.