Public Education Partnership (PEP)

The Louisiana Association of Broadcasters (LAB) is a sole source provider of distributing non-commercial sustaining announcements (NCSAs) via radio and television to all markets within the state of Louisiana through its Public Education Partnership (PEP) special.

State agencies and non-profits who have not purchased airtime for a specific message in the past twelve (12) months are eligible to participate in this cost saving program.

Upon deciding to utilize the PEP program, the LAB promotes and distributes the PEP partner’s message statewide, providing continuity and communication with its members. Unlike a regular free public service announcement, which may or may not get aired, the LAB’s PEP program partners are guaranteed their messages will be played on air. The LAB also collects station affidavits of performance and places them into a summary report that is presented to the PEP partner.

In exchange, the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters is paid for its services by the PEP partner. The association uses the funds raised by the PEP program to provide membership services to the Louisiana radio and television members.

Please contact:
Polly Johnson (225) 267-4522 or by email
or Laura Smith at (225) 267-4522 or by email

How it Works

The LAB distributes monthly rotation orders to both radio and TV members which outline the clients and the spots that a station should run for each. Radio and TV members receive a link to this page to download creatives. To get monthly updates on PEP, all we need is a point of contact to receive communications. Please contact the LAB office at or (225) 267-4522 for more information.

Current Pep Partnerships:

Louisiana Army National Guard:
“Be More” Media Campaign

The campaign shares the Guard’s commitment to our community, and to providing our citizen-soldiers with the opportunities to lead, learn, and gain in-demand job skills-all while serving part-time, close to home, and receiving educational and financial benefits.

LWC Tech Ready LA:

TV Spot

Radio Spots:

TV Spot:

Radio Spot:

TV Spot:

Radio Spot:

PEP Report Forms (Optional Use)