Prestige Awards

The Prestige Awards is sponsored annually by the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters to recognize outstanding achievements by Louisiana radio and television broadcasters.This competition was established to encourage the highest standards of reporting, community service and production creativity.

The 2020 Prestige Awards was held at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, March 10th at the L’Auberge Hotel and Casino in Baton Rouge, LA.

2020 Award Entry Guidelines

The Prestige Awards is open to LAB member stations which have a primary audience in Louisiana.
Entries must have been produced and broadcast during the period from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. Entries must be totally created and produced by the station. Material produced with outside advertising or production agency assistance is not eligible. Entries are limited to one per station in each of the categories. An entry can only be entered in one category.
LAB Member stations must be in good standing and have paid their 2020 dues.
All entries must have :30 second video with sound for the award presentation. If your submission doesn’t have this, your submission will be disqualified.

There is no entry fee to participate in this contest.

If it is determined an entry is not fully locally produced and/or is entered with false documentation, the station and ownership of that station will not be permitted to submit for that award for a period of two years.
As in any contest, conflicts may arise. Issues involving judging of entries will be resolved by the judges; their
decisions will be final. Issues involving interpretation of the rules and procedures of the LAB Prestige Awards will be settled by the Executive Staff of the LAB and, if deemed necessary by the Executive Staff, in consultation with the LAB Awards Committee. Their decisions will be final.

To insure objectivity, judging is conducted by a panel of broadcast experts from outside the state of Louisiana. They will evaluate all entries based on the criteria listed in the “Awards Categories” sections on the following pages. There will be one winner in each category. If the judges think an entry was submitted in the wrong category, they may move it to the proper category. The decision of the judges will be final.

Award Markets

TELEVISIONLarge MarketBaton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans/Metairie, Shreveport/Bossier City
Small MarketAll others
RADIO Large Market Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans/Metairie,
Shreveport/Bossier City
Small MarketAll others

Take a look at the 2020 Annual Prestige Awards below

2020 Prestige Award Recipients

Hall of Fame – Television
Donna Britt, WAFB-TVNancy Parker Boyd, WVUE-TV
Hall of Fame – Radio
George Foster, Jr. Guaranty MediaIvy Robinson, KWCL-FM
Student Broadcaster of the Year –Television
Chris Rosato, The Southeastern Channel
Hammond, La.
Lifetime Achievement – Radio 
Greg Vigne “Papa Smurf”, KMEZ-FM
New Orleans, La.
 Lifetime Achievement – Television
Jay Grymes, WAFB-TVBaton Rouge, La.
Broadcaster of the Year
Beth Courtney, WLPB-TV
Baton Rouge, La. 
 Young Professional of the Year – Radio
Matt Moscona, WNXX-FM Baton Rouge        
 Best Podcast – Radio
WNXX-FM Baton Rouge, La-lg mkt  
 Young Professional of the Year –Television
Lauren Westbrook, WAFB-TV Baton Rouge
 Best Use of Digital Media –Television
KPLC-TV Lake Charles, La.-small mktWDSU-TV New Orleans, La.-lg mkt
 Broadcast Engineer of the Year
Sidney Folse, WAFB-TVBaton Rouge, La. 
 Best Use of Digital Media – Radio
KPEL-FM Lafayette, La.-lg mkt
 Student Broadcaster of the Year – Radio
Louis Prejean, KLWB-FM
Carencro, La.
 Election Coverage – Television
KTVE/KARD-TV Monroe, La.-small mktWVLA-TV Baton Rouge, La.-lg mkt
 Election Coverage – Radio
WBRP-FM Baton Rouge, La.-lg mkt
 Best Morning Show – Television
KALB-TV Alexandria, La-small mktWVUE-TV New Orleans, La.- lg mkt
 Community Service – Radio
KPCH-FM Ruston, La.-small mkt
KQXL-FM Baton Rouge, La.- lg mkt
 Best Morning Show – Radio
KRVE-FM Baton Rouge, La.-lg mkt
 Community Service – Television
KPLC-TV Lake Charles, La.-small mktWBRZ-TV Baton Rouge, LA-lg mkt
 Best Newscast – Television
KTVE-TV West Monroe, La.-small mktWDSU-TV New Orleans, La- lg mkt
 Promotion of the Year – Radio
KYMK-FM Carencro, La-lg mkt
 Best Interview – Radio
KPCH-FM Ruston, La.-small mktWRQQ-FM Baton Rouge, La.-lg mkt
 Promotion of the Year – Television
KADN-TV-Lafayette, LA- lg mkt
 Best Series or Documentary – Television
KPLC-TV  Lake Charles, La.-small mkt
KATC-TV Lafayette, La.-lg mkt
 Investigative Report – Television
KALB-TV Alexandria, La.-small mktKATC-TV Lafayette, La.-lg mkt
 Best Live On-Site Remote – Radio
WWOZ-FM New Orleans, La.-lg mkt
 Multimedia Journalist of the Year – Television
Faith King, KALB-TV Shreveport, La.-small mktKendria LaFleur, KATC-TV Lafayette, La-lg mkt
 Best Live On-Site Remote – Radio
WWOZ-FM New Orleans, La.-lg mkt
 Uniquely Louisiana – Radio
KVPI-FM Ville Platte, La-small mktWWOZ-FM New Orleans, La.-lg mkt
 Best Sports Show – Television
KNOE-TV Monroe, La.-small mktWBRZ-TV Baton Rouge, La.- lg mkt
 Uniquely Louisiana – Television
KPLC-TV-TV Lake Charles, La.-small mktWLPB-TV Baton Rouge, La.-lg mkt
 Best Sports Show – Radio
WNXX-FM Baton Rouge, La- small mkt
 Best Weathercast – Television
KALB-TV Alexandria, La.-small mktWAFB-TV Baton Rouge, La.-lg mkt
 Reporter of the Year – Television
KALB-TV Alexandria, La-small mktKSLA-TV Shreveport, La-lg mkt
 Best Personality/Team – Radio
KRRV-FM Alexandria, La.-small mktWDGL-FM Baton Rouge,La.- lg mkt
 Station of the Year – Radio
KXKZ-FM Ruston, La-small mkt
KPEL-FM Lafayette, La.-lg mkt
 Breaking News – Television
KNOE-TV Monroe, La-small mkt
KTBS-TV Shreveport,La.-lg mkt
 Station of the Year – Television
KPLC-TV Lake Charles, La. -small mktWAFB-TV Baton Rouge, La.-lg mkt
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